We spend lots of our lives in line. We line up to wish newlyweds good luck, buy the newest smartphone, get autographs, pick up movie tickets, and eat at a buffet. We dance in lines, such as the “Electric Slide” or the “Macarena.” Even football has offensive and defensive lines. For the most part, we don’t mind lining up in an orderly fashion. Getting in line brings with it a collective sense of purpose of, “We’re all in this together.” It comes from the underlying belief that as long as we are patient and play by the rules, we’ll get to the front of the line and it will be our turn to receive what we got in line for in the first place.

When the concept of Inspirata Pointe at Royal Oaks was first developed, we knew the demand would be incredible. The first major expansion of our campus in more than 10 years, combined with a shortage of premium Life Plan residences in the West Valley would cause a flood of folks wanting information. How could we possibly process all the requests in a timely and orderly manner?

The answer: Inspirata Pointe’s Pointe Club! The Pointe Club is a virtual line of potential future Inspirata Pointe residents. By signing up for Pointe Club with a $100 (fully refundable) membership fee, folks can hold their place in line based on the date they signed up. As the floor plans, design details and early construction specials for Inspirata Pointe are finalized later this year, Pointe Club members will be at the front of the line and have options that the general public will not.

Benefits that come with being a Pointe Club member include:
1) First to choose among the 15 floor plans and specific locations with the best views. Want a Villa? There are only 16 available. Want an interior courtyard view or a mountain view? Only so many of those exist as well. Pointe Club members get the first opportunity to select their perfect spot.
2) First to pick from customization options including cabinet styles, flooring options, countertops, paint colors and window treatments. Pointe Club members get the first choice to build out their new residence to their own individual style.
3) First to become a Charter Member and receive Charter Benefits that include special pre-construction pricing on entry and monthly fees; guaranteed occupancy in case your health condition changes before you move in; and other unique benefits specifically developed for Charter Members.

As the American humorist Will Rogers said, “The older we get, the fewer things seem worth waiting in line for!” Inspirata Pointe at Royal Oaks is one of those things. And the Pointe Club gets you there! To learn more about joining the Pointe Club, simply click here or call 623-815-4274 today.